Elisabeth Weissensteiner is a female artist born in Austria, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Elisabeth Weissensteiner image

“My objects are hybrids, both grown and manufactured. The borderline between natural forms and shaped nature fascinates me. According to that ambiguity many objects offer an inside and an outside. Often there is tension between the two. Maybe my topic is the quest itself: where am I in this world not made by man and still not conceived without him? How can I become clear about myself being both coined by my surroundings and an independently thinking individual?”

Melbourne-based artist Elisabeth Weissensteiner has exhibited widely in Europe and in the U.S. She received public commissions and she is a member of the Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna and the International Sculpture Center, New Jersey, USA. Her recent solo exhibitions include Wolkenkuckucksheim (“Cloud Cuckoo Land”), installed at Cognitive Systems, University of Bremen, Germany; and Verknüpfungen, exhibited in Germany and Austria.

Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne, Australia