Grant Nimmo is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Grant Nimmo image

Grant Nimmo’s work concerns the great outdoors: the mighty mountains, the deep valleys, the forests and the rivers, the wind, snow and tropical heat. Present too in his paintings, drawings and prints are the people who from time to time inhabit these remote places: the hippies, loggers, coppers, agoraphobic mountain folk musicians and Joaquin Phoenix – those who sacrifice everyday life for the rhythms of the natural world.

The great outdoors has become something of a mystery in Nimmo’s work, a place that belongs in the imaginations of the ‘60s and ’70s, or as recently as the early ’90s, but that have since been cut off from us. These places were part of the adventure that hippies were searching for, or that mad celebrates now stumble across on their public downfall. Nimmo’s works are the images of images that lead lost souls back to Nature.

Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne, Australia