Jayne Dyer is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Jayne Dyer image

In an age of increasingly paperless information, the loss of the central role of bound and unbound text has potent implications. Hard copy text has been the major repository for knowledge, replaced by micro film in the mid twentieth century.

Jayne Dyer salvages what may otherwise be pulped and constructs work that considers language and text through the loose proposition of the library as a storehouse or repository of accumulated facts, hypothesis, conjecture and fiction.

Her art practice features installations, wall works and sculptural objects that combine the ready-made and the hand-made. Works are often arranged in encyclopedic order, with identifying information blotted out or hidden from the audience. Works may contain disconnected, ambiguous information with words and phrases interrogated; original meaning at once coded and decoded. Columns may be formed from stacks of books with spines painted black – a monument or perhaps a memorial to poetry and literature. Paper and architecture become one, forms simultaneously dissolve and reappear as structures are built and dismantled.

The works operate as a ‘linguistic’ production – in a state of flux, pointing towards an understanding of a narrative, but are as much about secrecy and hidden information as they are about open-endedness and a search for meaning.

‘A labyrinth of passageways and crammed bookshelves rose from base to pinnacle like a beehive, woven with tunnels, steps, platforms and bridges that presaged an immense library of seemingly impossible geometry… In this place, books are no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader’s hands.’

Carlos Ruiz Zafon ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, pp3-4, discussing the Cemetary of Forgotten books, 2001

‘Vito Acconci… defined the page as an area in which to act. In his ’notes on poetry’ he defines words as props for movement and the page as a thing, a container, a map and a field for movement.’

Anne Rorimer ‘Siting the Page’, in Rewriting Conceptual Art, 1999

‘When you are dealing with language there is no edge that the picture drops off. You are dealing with something completely infinite.’

Lawrence Weiner ‘Art without Space’, WBAI-FM symposium, 1969

Jayne Dyer has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since the early 1980s and is represented in private, institutional and corporate collections in Australia, Hong Kong, China and England.

She has been awarded NAS/FONAS (2005) and AGNSW (1999) studio residencies at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, the FONAS ASX Travel Grant (2005), a NAS Travelling Scholarship (2000), the Asialink Australia Council Beijing residency (1996), DEFAT exhibition grant (1996), the Verdaccio Studio in Italy (1991) and a Commonwealth of Australia Public Service Medal for contribution to the arts and education (2005).

She completed an MA (research) at RMIT University, Melbourne and is Head of Public Programs at the National Art School in Sydney.

Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne, Australia
John Batten Gallery in Hong Kong
Yoshi Kono Galery in Osaka
Redgate Gallery in Beijing