James Riches is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
James Riches image

The presence of a solitary figure within man made and organic structures with architectural qualities are a reoccurring theme in my art. Taking initial inspiration from observation, the images depict archetypal symbols: the figure, the road, the bridge.

Predominantly a practice with its basis in drawing, the ideas have extended into model making, painting, photography and digital imaging. The 3-dimensional works becoming a new source of material to either draw or photograph.

Currently in development is a series of paintings involving the use of Photoshop to collage images from my own photographic collection (of landscapes and hand made models), and scans of 3-dimensional objects placed directly onto the scanner bed. Fairly crude in their digital format, they are enlarged and transferred onto rag paper using watercolour, resulting in a more refined, cohesive image.

“James usually works within a figurative mode of drawing that finds a subtle equilibrium between observational and conceptual responses to the human subject. His work is always distinguished by the acute sensitivity and refined process of its making. James’ beautiful and experimental works on paper adapt to a range of interpretations that include, printmaking, animation and structural works and installations.”

Godwin Bradbeer, Artist and Senior Lecturer (RMIT University Melbourne)