Sophie Dunlop is an artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Sophie Dunlop image

Inspired by humble props that punctuate our everyday lives, Sophie relishes the unique and intricate details of each object she conveys. Her meticulous style is countered with a curious eye and unconventional composition, to provide the viewer with a fresh yet thoughtful vision of the familiar. Shapes and colours repeat to draw a delicate link between the most disparate of objects. Echoing the evocative nature of the oriental rugs, which are a favourite motif of the artist, Dunlop imbues her subject matter with the quality that goes beyond the purely visual. In works such as Moroccan Still Life, Sophie injects the canvas with intensified colour and texture so that the viewer may go beyond the surface, to taste and smell the succulent flesh of the fruits she paints.

Sophie Dunlop is represented by Catherine Asquith Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

Title: Pompeii Still Life
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 102 × 153cm
Work date: 2009