Wendy Stokes is an artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Wendy Stokes image

The gestural, expressive paintings of Wendy Stokes emanate from the character and spirit of Australia. Wendy has always lived by the water’s edge, whether it has been near an inland river, coastal estuary or the shores of the Pacific Ocean. She currently resides on the mid north coast of New South Wales, an environment which provides a rich source material for her work.

Some of Australia’s best abstract expressionist artists are women, and Wendy is no exception. Her work has been reviewed as a painter who is a confident mark-maker, demonstrating the assurance and sensitivity of a developed artist. As mark-makers go, Wendy has ‘the touch’.

Wendy’s works are confident and fresh, positive in attitude and response, recalling the stain and spontaneity of Frankenthaler and Mitchell. The spirit of lyrical abstraction remains a valid aesthetic response to the very strong and visual raw energy of her life and the landscape. Separate but integral to the obvious physical sources that inspire her, the ocean, shoreline and tide, the snowfields and rock formations, are the metaphorical links or references to ourselves.

Wendy Stokes is represented by Catherine Asquith Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

Title: Soak
Medium: acrylic & oil stick on canvas
Dimensions: 183 × 152cm
Work date: 2009