taey is a female artist born in Korea, Republic of, currently working in Greater London, United Kingdom.

Taey is a visual artist whose using narrative visual elements and multimedia based installation. Her subject stems from questions she had surrounding the definition of self – identity in an era of post-PC diversity.

She explore the borders, as well as the blurring boundaries between the definitions of ‘east’ and ‘west’, ‘real’ and ‘virtual’, ‘the inner circle’ and ‘the outer circle’, ‘private’ and ‘public and, in the end, ‘here’ and ‘there’. Her main practice background is narrative based photography and interactive multimedia.

In her virtual space, she examines the position of media art itself as a ‘elsewhere’ construction, a borderless method of overcoming political boundries in the search for self-identity as far-east asian and sexual minority. . Currently she is working at SMARTlab digital media institute in London as an interactive brand and arts manager and persue her PhD relation to virtual nomad and post-colonialism issues.