Rocio Enriquez-Bucheli image

Rocio E Bucheli has a Latin-American influence. Her work displays different techniques such as painting in oil, glue paint and gold leaf, also etchings and mono-prints that she uses according to the subject. Her work is inspired by landscapes, people and inner feelings that she represents in a formal and emotive way, which are developed throughout her work.
Her recently work called “Net Work”, as Its emerging naturally, connecting and develop from a free-flowing line. The concept can be related to automatic drawing as Andre Breton, Picasso in his later work and other surrealists artists practiced, or as well to Kandinsky called the Spirituality in art” and this has been visible. Through her work as an artist religion can be seen. It is noticeable on her mosaic work created for Virgo Fidelis School London.
Rocio is a gallery manager, R E Bucheli Fine Art, Bristol, UK since 2011
The gallery offers an exhibition space (physical and online) for artists to show their work, and will organise events for the local community. And a very fine bespoken service in framing and restoration.