brutjunk is a male artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Greater London, United Kingdom.
brutjunk image

The name relates, in part, to Art Brut – the raw, unschooled art of lunatics – I a human-being, new to the tools of transformation but recognising change on an evolutionary scale.
The task, for me, becomes to interfere in the digital ‘exactness’ – the machine process – to transform, obscure, humanise and badge an emotional identity: to disassemble the real and rearrange the pixels.
Commercially-driven ‘digital culture’ is the behind ‘deliverance’ of this strange new machine Age and I see ourselves as the midwives in the ‘deliverance’ of change.
I can see an emerging a ‘global village’ with a window, forever like this – interpolating -the ‘real’ and the deafening, crushing, silence of machine control.
I work across media from print to digital video.