Genevre Becker is a female artist born in Canada, currently working in Australia.
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Artist statement

Wonderment in a dark world: Conflating the imaginary and the real in sculpture, installation and soundscapes. These are the key themes of the work that I create.

The conceptual basis for my work is to consider the psychology of darkness and wonderment – to evoke a suspension of disbelief, where imagination takes precedence to logic. These ideas take the form of memories, dream worlds or landscapes. The line of creative enquiry centres on how to nurture a specific experience, how to shape the translation and how to leverage the power of belief. The direction of ongoing experiments is driven by how a sense of foreboding or threat can be imbued from a physically unimposing object.

This is inspired by an ongoing interest in the mythical and magical, of childhood, of the sacred and the intimate. These themes manifest through devices such as theatrical staging, shadow, light, sound and miniature scapes within experiential installation.

All artworks are made via a process of writing, editing, testing and miniature mock-ups in order to generate a parallel narrative of organic playfulness with engineered presentation. These lines of enquiry then feed into the structure required for illustrating the story.