Rebecca Feiner is a curator.

Rebecca Feiner is an event organiser, curator and multimedia artist with a successful track record of making art accessible to the public in unusual spaces beyond the traditional gallery setting, including a church belfry, an industrial lift-shaft, bank vaults, a water pumping station, car parks, cemeteries, woodland and warehouses. As part of the 2015 London Festival of Architecture, she animated a neglected 1.5-acre site next to the Olympic stadium for DEN-CITY1, a utopian art city built from the detritus of Hackney Wick and featuring more than 50 artists in a three-day festival, free to the public – see work-from-more-than-50-artists. Rebecca’s work has also featured in international exhibitions from Denmark to the USA, including the Venice Biennale, the Cannes Film Festival and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, where in collaboration with Public Works & R-Urban she created DIY Estates, a fake estate agency as a wry comment on gentrification of east London. Other experience includes lecturing, journalism, frontline work for community organizations and homeless charities (CRISIS, St Mungo’s and Single Homeless Project) and broadcasting on art and culture – see 13th-february-2016/