Kate Mitchell is an artist born in Australia.

Kate Mitchell was born in 1982 in Sydney, Australia. She currently lives and works in Sydney. In 2006, she received First Class Honours for her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photomedia) from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales and completed a Masters of Fine Arts in 2008 at the same institution.

Mitchell adopts performance, video, sculptural elements and drawings to explore the power of the human mind to will ideas into existence; explores the physical limits of the body and the mind through rigorous actions and is driven by a desire to make reality, a particular space of the imagination which belongs to childhood reverie.

Her work encourages the audience to embark upon a quest/direction of no meaning, a journey towards greater comfort and awareness of the paradox. Her work aims to invite comedy, absurdity and slapstick into the viewers experience and to bring about an awareness of being in the body.

Exhibitions include: The Night of the Sunglasses, Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul Turkey (2009), Don’t Touch My Rocks, Chalk Horse (2009), The Horn of Plenty: excess and reversibility, Para-Site, Hong Kong (2009), Urban Screenings, Federation Square, Melbourne (2008), Art & About – By George Australia Square, Sydney (2008), Looking Out, (collaboration with Marley Dawson), Macquarie University, Sydney, ICollect The Australian Museum, Canberra (2006), Foil Awards, Little More Gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo (2004).