Catherine McAvoy is an artist born in Australia.

Catherine McAvoy was born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1982. She moved to the Northern Territory in 2000 and has lived in Darwin for the past six years. She received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Charles Darwin University in 2008, and has recently completed an Honours degree in a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries in 2009.

Her art practice began with the disciplines of drawing and acrylic painting but has evolved to include sculpture and installation. Catherine’s work is autobiographical. She is inspired by reoccurring nostalgic memories from her childhood, and particularly the subjective inaccuracy of those memories. Her recent solo works include “Reminiscence” (2009) an installation exhibited at the Charles Darwin University Gallery, “Walking Bass Line II” (2009) a sculpture exhibited at 24HR Art Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art, and “Mabel’s Song” (2008) a series of sculptural works exhibited at Darwin Visual Arts Association.