Ivanka is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in GLENHAVEN, New South Wales, Australia.
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Ivanka’s paintings are sensual & dynamic self-expressions of an inner journey that started after a particularly devastating childhood experience. The Secret appears on the front cover of her new book & was the initial painting that started Ivanka on her personal quest for self-expression through the visual arts.

Ivanka has been painting for over ten years. Her current work uses colour and texture in a unique contemporary abstract style to intuitively capture depth of emotion. Each viewer is invited to experience and extract their own images and meaning from her work.

One of the most striking aspects of Ivanka’s work is the diverse & rich range of styles that create an incredible landscape of emotion or as Ivanka calls one of her styles, imotion. A Father’s Love is an extraordinary work of deep colours and intensity while equally provocative is the range of visually penetrating paintings in the Jelli Bean collection works such as Becoming, Constricted and Piscean Sea. Chloe’s Flowers, Garden Drop, Cascade and Complexity offer a unique floral perspective that one cannot help to admire this artist’s incredible varied self-expression. While the Individual gallery lives up to its name with paintings such as Chaos, Don’t Wanna Know About It, Neptunian Tide, Purple Tears and a delightful portrait of Maria, Ivanka’s mother.

Extract from Ivanka’s new book – The Art of Inspiration -

“My earliest artistic memory is of the excitement in my mother’s voice when she showed my father the pencil drawing I had just created. I was seven years old and her delight left a lasting impression in my mind. My mother died when I was ten and from then on it seemed as though my whole world had turned into ‘black and white.’ I remember sketching mostly in lead pencil, as a teenager.

It wasn’t until 1996, when at the age of thirty, my world suddenly switched over from ‘black and white’ to colour! Something inside of me came to life and I used every colour at my disposal to satisfy an unstoppable craving. Once I picked up the paintbrush, I couldn’t put it down!

Now, eleven years later, I am very proud to share 131 paintings with you – along with the reflections of ‘what my art means to me,’ which I wrote a few years ago, as an exploration of my feelings."