Jeremy Neideck is an artist.

Jeremy Neideck is a dancer, composer and performance maker with a strong focus on exploring the convergence of extreme physicality with extended vocal techniques. Since graduating from Queensland University of Technology (Performance Studies), he has trained in physical theatre and Butoh with Zen Zen Zo (Brisbane), Dairakudakan (Tokyo) and Yumi Umiumare (Melbourne). His current focus is on working with Red Moon Rising to explore ways to use filmic theatre techniques to produce Butoh within multi-dimensional performance environments. In 2009 Jeremy spent four months in Seoul, South Korea, studying traditional Korean opera (Pansori) with Oh Min Ah at The National Theatre of Korea. His focus was on traditional repertoire, and incorporating this incredibly demanding style into his physical practice. Jeremy also undertook a one-month residency at the Modern Dance Festival in Seoul, participating in cultural exchanges and creating a work for the festival showcase with artists from Korea, Australia, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Cameroon. Jeremy then participated in a 3-month residential studio program at The National Museum Of Contemporary Art, combining his Butoh practice with Pansori and filmic theatre techniques to create a work of performance art that was exhibited at the Museum in August. Performance credits include: Nok Cha Cafe (Offset Art), Strange Earth (National Art Studio, Korea), Beyond Butoh 08 (Yumi Umiumare), Zeitgeist, Zen Zen Zo, Strange Soup, The Little Dragon and Five Fools (LATT Korea), Dir. Roger Rynd, Tashi Stories Imaginary, Dir. Mark Radvan) at the Brisbane Powerhouse and Korea Foundation World Book Fair 2005, Snow Tastes like Chemicals in Europe (QUT).