Nancy Lehet is a female artist born in United States, currently working in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
Nancy Lehet image

Current exhibition: Wonderland, new works by Nancy Lehet

Dates: 16-29 April, 2012

Venue Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park VIC
Opening Night: Thurs 19 April, 6 – 8pm
Gallery Hours: Daily 9am to 5pm

Motherboards and bodhi leaves. Good luck charms and glitter.

I spent 2 years backpacking South America & Asia collecting global detritus in what little space was left in my pack. Shipped home in tiny parcels, this collection forms the basis of Wonderland, my solo show at Gasworks Arts Park, running from 16-29 April, 2012.

I couldn’t get enough of the contrasts – internet access in the Amazon jungle, monks on mobile phones; but also the commonalities – importance of family, the use of colour (and sparkle!) across cultures – and mostly I was just fascinated with what people tossed into the streets. I started combining this ephemera with cast-off computer parts – disparate objects that share a common message – networks, pathways, interconnectedness. My work explores the joy, irony and sometimes-absurdity of these juxtapositions. My motivation is to make something out of nothing.

I have incorporated detritus from over 20 countries, spanning over a century, to tell this story. Dive into the wonderland and see how many you recognise.