Carolyn Elsworthy is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Ballarat, WENDOUREE, Victoria, Australia.
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Carolyn creates wearable textile art in the medium of silk painting.

She manipulates the silk in various ways wrapping, twisitng and stying the silk whilst it is being dyed and over dyed. Resists (including wax and gutta). salt, water and methalyated spirits are often used for differing effects.

Arashi Shirbori (pole wrapping) is also frequently explored as is stitching, knotting and wrapping around found objects.

Items created included scarves, wraps, shawls, bags, cushions and wall hangings.

Works are embellished with stitching, beading, mirrors etc,

Inspirations come from the surrounding countryside around Ballarat and from trips to outback Western Australia particularly the Kimberley region.

Carolyn has been creating and experimenting with colours for 15 years, originally working with vision impaired people adapting various arts and crafts to suit their needs. It was during this time that she discovered silk painting and found it to be one of the most successful mediums for them to work in.

Originally Carolyn studied Art majoring in Painting but since has also explored silver smithing, sculpture and other textile mediums including basketry, felting, quilting, spinning natural fibres and knitting.