Michael Meneghetti is an artist.

Michael Meneghetti I work with video and performance to investigate the boundaries of masculinity, cultural heritage and Australian myths. I graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2006, majoring in sculpture with honours. Over the last three years I have been a collaborator with Alex Gibson and Olivia Crang on such projects as polyopticon.org (2006-2007), collaborativecommons.org (2008-ongoing) and xmachine’s Serial Blogger (Next Wave 2008). As a performer, my recent Vixen work has been showcased for such events as Nightclub Project: Pure Pleasure (Next Wave 2008) and Exquisite Creatures (Tape Projects 2008). In my current projects I have taken a curator direction to develop and run the Melbourne Propaganda Window projection space and be co-curator for 2009 Electundra Audio Visual Festival.