Robert Thiebaud is a male artist, currently working in France.

In Robert Thiebaud’s paintings, a sharp eye for line, color and proportion is used to create what the artist calls a “dreamlike poetry.” Working in oils on wood and canvas, Thiebaud balances tones and textures to give each image a clarity and sense of physical presence that renders their enigmatic settings powerful and compelling. Trained as an architect, the artist makes use of architecture’s sense of structure and form in his artwork as well. With a palette that blends cool, dark shades with glimmering hints of warm colors, he emphasizes the purity and elegance of the line in his paintings, bringing balance and harmony to even the most surreal environment.

As adept at capturing the human form in vivid, realistic detail as he is at giving even a seemingly monochromatic background depth and dimension, he creates paintings that make his distinctive world feel totally real to the viewer, while also suggesting the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. “I am interested in going beyond appearance,” he says, “to have my characters lost in infinity.” Thiebaud lives and works in France.