Kate has been living and working in Ireland for 12 years.
After graduating from the Slade School of Art, London,in
1995, Kate came over to Ireland on a visit. Living close
to the land, a rural life offered a perfect antidote to life
in London, and drawn by the open rugged beauty of the
north west Kate found herself enticed to stay and begin
work as a full time painter.

Kate has become widely known for her large-scale
landscape and portrait paintings, her portrait ‘Martha’
having received an award of distinction at the 1999 RHA
annual exhibition. She was commissioned by Leitrim
County Council to paint John McGahern in 2001, whom
she cites as a major influence on her life and work.

Kate’s recent work, a navigation through colour and
form, commands an extensive sensory palette,
engaging the viewer with a rich texture of sounds and
emotions. Her recent exhibition at Lemon Street Gallery,
‘Portrait’, included both representational and abstract
pieces characterised by a strikingly intense use of colour.

A life long interest in dance and performance is
exhibited in Kate’s ongoing work in cross arts
performance. Her current group,‘Tulips and Oysters
Cross Arts Theatre’ work with improvised and composed
movement and music performance, installation and
video projection. Internationally she has worked in this
area with Gill Clarke of Independent Dance, UK, and is
currently involved in a project collaborating with scientists
at Warwick University, UK; ‘Hypercube: The Use of
Multicamera Motion Capture in the Performing Arts.’