The Suitcase Royale is an artist.

The Suitcase Royale is a Rag n Bone band of three from Melbourne, Australia that has been creating and performing their unique style of ‘Junkyard Theatre’ since mid 2004. Their style utilizes a large variety of performance styles and employs multiple art forms including; performance, dance, puppetry, text, set design and stop animation. The Suitcase Royale also compose & perform original music for their shows as well as creating digital sound scapes. It is a unique ensemble based style of theatre making that approaches the work as a whole, with the aim of making highly developed, multi faceted, narrative driven theatre.

The Suitcase Royale’s repertoire of works, Felix Listens to the World (2004), Chronicles of a Sleepless Moon (2006), The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill (2007), The Ballad of Backbone Joe (2008) and The Suitcase Royale SPACE SHOW (2009) have toured to the Pittsburgh Arts Festival, Edinburgh fringe, Ruhrfestspiele festival, Germany, Dublin fringe and the Soho theatre in London. The company has also collaborated with U.K. performance duo, Lone Twin, in a piece entitled The Newsboys, commissioned by 2008 Melbourne International arts Festival.They have recently recorded their debut self titled album and will perform a season of The Ballad of Backbone Joe at The Sydney Theatre Company in late 2010.