Jessica Porter is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Sydney, Australia.
Jessica Porter image

Jessica’s work is driven by a desire to understand human behavior. She is stirred by the force within us to assume that what we know is right and best. Jessica is preoccupied with finding the truth and meaning underlying things and she weaves this into her work. Through use of symbolism, abstraction, and illusions, her work often hides a secret tale.

She thrives on creating images that ask the viewer to question what they see and prompts them to consider a new perspective. Surrounded by stereotypes and hasty judgments, Jessica is moved to show viewers that what they see may not be what others see. Her work forces the viewer to make up their own mind about they see. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Raised with a business mind and discouraged from being a dreamer, Jessica has fought against what she knows to take a chance and achieve what she wants. Her work evolved from mindless doodles to images that are bold, eye catching, and intricately detailed. Currently she is draws inspiration from tattoo’s, patterns, and symmetry (although ruling a straight line often ends in confusion and frustration). She has been involved in several exhibitions and auctions, and was a contributing illustrator for Total Cardboard #8 Crimes and Miracles.