Alisdair Macindoe is an artist.

Alisdair Macindoe is a Melbourne based dancer who trained in dance at The Victorian College of the Arts University and Secondary School. Recent choreographic work includes Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain in Melbourne’s 2008 Next Wave Festival, and 525600LOVE in Lucy Guerin Incs’ Pieces For Small Spaces season 2009. Alisdair has performed in work by Lucy Guerin Inc (Structure and Sadness), Chunky Move (I Like This by Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry and Black Marrow By Erna Omarsdottir & Damien Jalet), Leigh Warren and Dancers (Seven), Nat Cursio Co. (With a Bullet: The Album Project 07 works by Nat Cursio, Jo Lloyd and Gerard Van Dyck), Katrina Lazarof, Underpass, Bare Bones Collective and Cobie Orger. Alisdair has composed and produced music for dance works by; Leigh Warren (AC Arts), Tracie Mitchell (VCA), Lina Limosani (VCA), Cobie Orger, Underpass, Differed Dance, Alexandra Macdonald (Rosalind Crisp, France), Alison Currie (SA), Adam Wheeler, Martin Hansen, Gala Moody and Sarah Cartwright.