Tinatin Sanikidze image Tinatin Sanikidze image

The absolutely stunning hyper-realist pencil on paper drawings of Georgian artist Tiko Sanikidze are rich with detail and replete with emotive expression. With a graduate degree in architecture, Sanikidze has mastered the subtleties of the hyper-realistic approach, combining a meticulous level of detail and intensification of physical form with subtle pictorial elements to create the illusion of a reality that’s entirely new.
While her images are almost photograph-like in their rendering, there is a deep expressionist undercurrent that imbues profound meaning in the drawings and transforms them into something more. Indeed, that is a main goal of Sanikidze’s art, to invite her viewers to see beyond the everyday physical landscape into the emotional depths that come to define the most cursory of experiences. As Sanikidze explains, “I aspire to give the viewer a new emotional perspective in which we can appreciate an affinity for everyday situations as we deal exclusively with how people appear, when in reality people are more than what we see.”
Tiko Sanikidze currently lives and works in New York, USA, both as an architect and an artist