Aubrey Rhodes is a female artist born in United States, currently working in Australia.

Originally from California, I’ve lived the last nine years in San Francisco; four of them as a full-time artist. At the moment, I am living and painting full-time in Melbourne, Australia. Broadly speaking, my current body of work is figurative but includes elements of collage. I’m concerned with people and what motivates them. External circumstances that influence the construct of an individual’s identity represent themselves in my art in the form of iconic imagery, pop-culture, advertising, media, and entertainment.

The aspect of the human condition that allows each of us to bestow good and evil upon our neighbors and ourselves interests me. I represent the duality of this nature in my current work by dividing my canvas into two planes: a figurative foreground and an abstract background. The collaged background is an exploration of the subconscious and the external influences that we allow to shape our opinions and ambitions as we search for social relevance and individual identity. The figurative work I overlay symbolizes the outcome of indulgence in those influences and puts into question the authenticity of our resulting individuality.

The textual element of my artwork allows the painting’s meaning to grow over time, to develop and change the longer the viewer takes to read the background and let it inform the meaning of the image and the painting as a whole. In this way, I have tried to simulate the experience of revealing identity and recognizing character. There should be elements of my paintings that are comforting and familiar, aesthetically or otherwise, but elements that are also disturbing, perhaps confrontational, or provoke the viewer to question the source of his or her contentment.

Currently, I am working on a new series of paintings that even more directly addresses the individual’s accountability in the creation of self. Elements of The Seven Deadly Sins and Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” specifically, “Inferno,” will be drawn on for inspiration.