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Michèle Meister was born 1966 in Lindau Germany and grew up in Lausanne in Switzerland and Uelzen, Germany.

She studied Fine Arts at the Free International University Hamburg under Karin and Wolfgang Genoux, who were master students of Joseph Beuys.

During this time Michèle was first inspired to produce her own colours from basic pigments, as this gave her more artistic freedom.

After the completion of her degree in 1993, Michèle returned to Santorini, where she had spent her Sabbatical Year (1991) painting and studying the Akrotiri Frescos, dating back to
1600 BC.

From 1993-1995 Michèle had several successful exhibitions in Hamburg and Santorini and in 1998 opened her own gallery “Gallery Kastelli” in Santorini, where she painted and taught art classes on the “freedom of art”.

Many of her works produced during this period are now permanently exhibited in Santorini, and are also in private collections in New York, New Orleans, Athens, Berlin, Venice, London, Paris and Melbourne.

In 2004 Michèle moved to Melbourne. It was this move which inspired her for her exhibition “travel” at 69 Smith Street Gallery in 2008.

‘zwischen den zeilen-between the lines’ is an exhibition about her latest body of work , where the line and the written word are major features in her large-scale drawings

Also exhibited are some earlier works from her gallery in Santorini, Greece, as well as some Encaustic paintings, an ancient Egyptian painting technique, using hot beeswax as a binder for the pigment .

“The foundations of my paintings are always prepared with structure, created in mixed media as I don’t like white canvases as a starting point.

The same procedure was employed with my latest drawings, by using the paper that protected my working table for several months. This old paper gave me freedom to work without being afraid of ‘destroying’ the paper and the “coffee and working traces” gave me a lot of inspiration. These last works indicate that I have always been a ‘drawing painter’.”