Martin Bonadeo is a male artist born in Argentina, currently working in Argentina.

Martin Bonadeo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1975) where he lives and works. He is an artist that hold a bachelor in advertising and a Ph. D. degree in Social Communication. His doctoral thesis is about human olfactory communication and its function in building up identities has been published during 2005 by the University Universidad Austral. He is a professor at UCA (Universidad Católica Argentina) at the communication department (ICOS) since 2002.

In 2000 he started developing art projects and studying art theory and work interpretation with Fabiana Barreda and Monica Girón. From 2001 he showed more than 25 site specific installations for different galleries and cultural centers of several cities including Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Denver and Tokyo.

During 2004 he had been a scholarship holder of the Antorchas Foundation researching relations between art, science and technology for a year at the Hypermedia Studio, UCLA, U.S.A.

He was sponsored by Telefonica Foundation to participate in INTERCAMPOS program 2005.

Winner of the 2005 Fundacion Telefonica/MAMBA (Modern art Buenos Aires) Art and New Technologies Grand Prix (Grant) to develop “Moebius Display” (project leader in collaboration with engineers, computer scientists, architects and musicians). This project was also supported by OSRAM opto-semiconductors Germany.

Winner of 2006 Vida 9.0 (Fundación Telefónica Spain) grant to develop an iberoamerican art + science piece. Project: “dead/alive tree”.

In 2007 he founded TECAT (Taller Experimental de Ciencia, Arte y Tecnología) a multidisciplinary space to produce and think technological issues at Universidad Católica Argentina.