Mari Hirata is a female artist born in Japan, currently working in Australia.
Mari Hirata image

“My works talk about the unity of formality and informality. It is the combination of established procedure and order with notions of surrealism and visual puns.”

Mari Hirata is a fine art/photography based artist, currently residing and practicing on the Gold Coast. Born in Japan by parents of mixed heritage (father- Japanese: mother- Sri Lankan & Dutch), she moved to Australia in 1991. Mari has completed her BVA in Fine Arts (2001), and MAVA (Master of Arts in Visual Arts) majoring in photography (2002), at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Hirata’s work lies strongly within the components of installation, sculpture and photography, with a profound emphasis on notions of multiplicity and repetitiveness. This has been explored in particular through her key primary subject to date, the White High Heel Shoes. Since her final year of study, Mari has continued to explore and expand on the subject of the high heeled shoes, during which her works have been influences by traditional Japanese woodblock prints and concepts of the Rorschach Test.

“Inspiration emerges from the continuing attempt to exercise the mental thought where control lies within the ritual of placement and arrangement, reflecting patterns of positive and negative space, and the awareness of claiming the space.”

Mari’s works have been exhibited in venues throughout Australia, and featured in various magazines and publications, including Photofile, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her work is housed in collections such as the Gold Coast City Gallery, University of Technology Sydney, the Sofitel Art Collection, and the Gold Coast University Hospital Collection.

“My interests lie strongly within the personal, individual perception of the audience, including myself. As I have my own reasons and interpretations conveyed through my works, I find it equally fascinating to experience the varied responses from viewers, stimulated by senses of memory and visual experiences.”

Mari is represented by Retrospect Galleries + Lorraine Pilgrim on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.