Norma Alvarado is a female artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
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Norma Alvarado has been painting since 1999 but had always been too shy to show her work publicly or even tell anyone that I painted in fear of what they would say or do (laugh).

Finally, in 2009 she participated in her first group exhibit at APW Gallery in Long Island, NY, World of Imagination Vol. 2.

“modern and contemporary art is brilliant! I fell in love with Picasso’s work and he was my inspiration. He painted things or people in a different way than the traditional portraits, etc.”

Growing up, rules and discipline under her parents roof were not easy for her as the oldest of seven children. Understandably, she always had to walk on a straight line or path under her parent’s roof and help out with the younger siblings. Now through her paintings, she speaks her mind through her work.




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PS Shut the Fuck Up painting