Simone Pileggi is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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*Simone Pileggi
Installation Artist. *
Works primarily with performance, incorporating sound, film, and set sculpture.
Themes of interest; Sexuality, Absurdism, Existentialism, Masochism, and the Unconscious.

Current Projects Are
An annual Installation Exhibition, with multiple installations of performance, sound, film and sculpture, usually held in a large warehouse.
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CIPHER – Window Installations of the absurd, including Performance, and Tableux. Dates and times will be posted at the “White Elephant Arts” facebook group.

Performance Installation Exhibition
Voyeur is a disconcerting and disorientating landscape populated by themes of transcendental beauty, human frailty and simian brutality.
This exhibition speaks in the language and logic of a dream. Voyeur invites it’s audience to experience the absurdism, comedy and vulgarity of the human condition, through a cacophony of beautiful and bizarre performance installations, and tableaux vivants.

Organically conceived and devised, choreography and improvisation merge in a waking dream brought together by both performers and audience.

Featuring taxidermy, mute, strobe lights, car wrecks, simulated self annihilation, cuckoo birds, lynch love, star dust, lies and half truths, humming ladies, fleshings, shower therapy, toilets and much more.

June 19th resident Melbourne artist Simone Pileggi presents Voyeur, a performance installation exhibition constructed within the walls of the newly established White Elephant Arts warehouse 284-286 Albert St Brunswick.

Simone conceptualises and directs these installations. With a base guide for content, mood, and movement, the cast are then left to experiment and improvise on impulse, creating a raw pulse of realism to the exhibition.

The staff, crew, and performers involved in the Voyeur project are on a volunteer basis, with all profit going towards funding future Voyeur exhibitions.

WHEN: June 19th 9pm – 12am 1 night only
WHERE: 284-286 Albert St Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
COST: $15

Her studio is based at WHITE ELEPHANT an arts warehouse where multiple artists of different mediums are based.