Seena Nayeri is a male artist born in Iran, Islamic Republic of, currently working in Malaysia.
Seena Nayeri image


- Graduated from Rasht Azad University of Agriculture. (June 2006)
- Completed “Reverse Sculpture” course held by Professor
Parviz Tanavoli in Mahe Mehr Cultural Artistic Institute. (Oct. 2006)
- Completed “Medal Making” course held by Professor
Parviz Tanavoli in Mahe Mehr Artistic Institute. (June 2007)
- Completed “Contemporary Art History” course held by Professor
Alireza Sami Azar in Mahe Mehr Cultural Artistic Institute. (2008)
- Member of Association of Iranian Sculptors.
- Member of Iranian Institute For Promotion of Visual Arts.


2007 May, Parvin Art Gallery ( Rasht – Iran ) Clay Sculptures.
2007 Ivan Sepid Art Gallery (Karaj – Iran), Clay Faces.
(July 17, 2007, up to July 25, 2007
2007 Seyhoun Art Gallery (Tehran – Iran), “Fools Carnival”
Bronze figures and faces. (Sept. 12, 2007 through Sept. 20, 2007)
2008 May, Parvin Art Gallery (Rasht – Iran)
I’m Going to Make a Cake!, Bronze sculptures.
2008 Ivan Sepid Art Gallery (Karaj – Iran) Bronze Sculptures.
(June 27, 2008 up to Oct. 5, 2008)
2008 Seyhoun Art Gallery (Tehran – Iran) Irrelevant Faces of Seena,
Bronze sulptures.(Aug. 23, 2008 up to Aug. 28, 2008)


2007 November, Participated in group sculpture exhibition
with “Kaleb” group in Mahe Mehr Gallery.
2007 October, Participated in Self portrait Exhibition at
Imam Ali Museum. (Tehran – Iran)
2007 November, Group Exhibition with "Kaleb” group in Baran
Art Gallery. (Tehran – Iran)
2010 May, Participated in “Kaleb” group exhibition at
Art Center Gallery. (Tehran – Iran)
2010 April, The 5th “Small Sculptures Exhibition” held by Association of
Iranian Sculptors in Barg Art Gallery. (Tehran – Iran)


2007 26th of May, Gilan-e Emrouz (Persian News Paper)
“Seena Nayeri, Here in Parvin Art Gallery”
2007 5th of June, Gilan-e Emrouz (Persian News Paper)
“Clay, A Medium To Discover”
2007 13th September, Asia News (Persian news paper)
“The Lost Eyes”
2008 Report of his exhibition in Seyhoun Art Gallery on
Wind International TV (Persian)


- Working experience in Professor Parviz Tanavolis’ workshop
from 2007 through 2008
- Working experience in Noushafarin Atefi workshop
from 2005 through 2006