Meilena Hauslendale is a female artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
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TinMan By Meilena Hauslendale *
Modern Day Artist, Meilena Hauslendale* began her career as a professional artist back in 1997 with the help of Sharpie Markers and watercolors, a medium she still uses today. There are no sketches just intuitional drawings placed directly onto watercolor paper. Her bold lines open the window to self discovery and self awareness for all that stumble upon them. She conveys a universal expression for spirituality both in her paintings and in her inspirational sayings.

Her work has been featured in publications in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark and Australia. Several of her pieces have been licensed for use on apparel, posters, and magazines. Her art has recently been branched to custom skateboards and shoes. Her inspirational articles have been featured in personal development magazines and newsletters. You can visit her writing site to read more about her articles and book publications.

Published books include, Making Your Purpose, Your Business: Guide to Self Discovery & Achievement, Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships: Guide to Healthy Love & Self Discovery, Natural Parenting: Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond, Spiritual Revolution: Guide to Spiritual Development & Independence, and Onward Rising: A Memoir available at Barnes & Nobles, Borders,, and Bertrams & Gardners in the UK.

The works of this artist can best be described as a self reflection of her surroundings and of her life. She engages her viewers through a journey of true self exploration and actualization. Her works portray characters and subject matter that identify with people’s inner being, their relationships with others, and their relationship with themselves. Her art truly does imitate her life and the lessons she takes with her.

Enrichment By Meilena Hauslendale Her works are sought after by publishers, corporate art buyers, interior designers, and private collectors. She is the founder of the Silence Speaks Artist Association, an association for artists and writers. She was inducted into Who’s Who of American Women for 2004-2005-the definitive biographical resource featuring the most accomplished women in all areas of human endeavor.

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