Deborah Ascher Barnstone is a female architect born in United States, currently working in Australia.

Professor Deborah Ascher Barnstone is an international architectural historian who has held positions at universities in Europe and the US. She is principal of Ascher Barnstone Architects.

Her primary research interests are 20th and 21st century German and Dutch art and architecture and classical modernism. Deborah’s work interrogates the origins of classical modernism and explores the relationships between art, architecture, and culture more broadly. A particular interest is in dismantling historical myths by re-examining received histories in order to uncover alternate interpretations of the past.
Much of her work is focused on transparency in architecture, based on her observation of glass architecture in Germany during the post-World War II era. She has published on the history of the environmental movement in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Recent books include: Beyond the Bauhaus: Cultural Debates in Breslau, 1918–1933 (University of Michigan Press: 2016) and The Break with the Past: Avant-Garde Architecture in Germany, 1918-1933 (Routledge: 2018).