Blanka Ciok is a female artist born in Poland, currently working in United Kingdom.
Blanka Ciok image

After a number of years spent travelling and engaging with people from many different cultures, I have formed a belief that imagery is more powerful than the written or spoken word: as the visual arts can transcend the boundaries set up by language. Creating imagery has always been part of my life and it is through the image that I express myself, the moment of my existance and rationalize the world at large. In the production of my artwork I strive for an aesthetic which can be understood and appreciated by everyone, regardless of culture, class or educational background.

This body of work is inspired by the convergance of philosophy, the theory of existence and axiology. Ostensibly my artworks are meditative reflections of melancholy, isolation and insulation, but they are also concerned with the passing of time and the solitude of the individual. To create these works I use a combination of photography, digital imaging processes and lambda print technology. In our modern world advanced by technology, experience of the real is often mediated by the virtual, yet despite the contemporary nature of these techniques my artworks are equally enriched with symbolisms that contain more traditional art historical references.

Each of these prints evoke a dream-like quality and utilize subtle muted ink tones to amplify a haunting sense of drama. The resulting works are a surreal interweaving of textures, themes and images which articulate a degree of containment, isolation and abandon – concepts that are both deeply personal and comprehensively universal in meaning.