Shel Waldman is a male founder born in United States, currently working in United States.

Shel Waldman, co-founder, Spirit Within Art Gallery

A refined realist, gifted muralist, visionary illustrator, experienced arts teacher and renowned painter-artist for over 30 years, Shel Waldman has created a catalogue of visual beauty that encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical. His original creations often embody the metaphysical and transformative essence of the people, places and unique cultures depicted in his works. Through his fine visionary art, Shel’s detailed pieces fuse reality with vivid, often-times colorful imagery that speaks to the spirit within everyone.

His custom mural works adorn spas, restaurants, schools and salons and he has enjoyed exhibitions for private collectors from around the world.

His Native Indian art series was inspired by his time spent on native reservations in Canada teaching art to high school students as well as adults. His style is eclectic and genuine, and one possessing an uncanny knowledge and ability with teaching art in a manner for all to understand while inducing people of every kind to unleash their creative potential in abundance!