Christopher Bauder is a male artist born in Germany, currently working in Germany.
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Christopher Bauder was born in 1973 in Stuttgart, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin since 1997. After finishing his studies in the “digital class” at the"University of the Arts Berlin" he started working primarily in the fields of interactive installation art and design. He has a special interest in the transfer of bits and bytes to real space and vice versa. Space, object, sound and interaction are elements of his work.

Exhibitions/Awards (excerpt):

“electric moOns” / “ATOM” :

- STRP festival, Eindhoven Netherlands 2007
- TESLA art laboratory, Berlin Germany 2007
- “La notte bianca” @ museum “Palazzo delle Esposizioni”, Rome Italy 2007
- SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition, Artgallery, Boston USA 2006
- 1st price BIP Award and Exhibition, Arezzo Italy 2006
- LUMINALE lightart festival, Frankfurt Germany 2006
- NEXT Exhibition, Copenhagen Denmark 2005

“3DJ” :

- VJ Congress AVIT @ Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin 2004
- TTA Top Talent Award Europrix, Vienna Austria 2004

“The ToneLadder” :

- TTA Top Talent Award Europrix, Vienna Austria 2004
- Multimedia Transfer Award, Karlsruhe Germany 2003
- Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich Germany 2002
- Museum of Telecommunication, Berlin Germany 2002
- Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Berlin 2001