laurie freeman is a female artist born in Canada, currently working in KILBURN, United Kingdom.
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Like many artists today, my body of work is diverse in object and idea. I paint to examine colour and form; I photograph to capture memory and reference; I draw for the sheer freedom of it; I sculpted to produce objects to exist with me; I use collage to create new narratives through disparate images; I read art history, theory and philosophy for the interest but also because how can one know where to take one’s art, if one doesn’t know where it’s been. Everything is a point of departure and experimentation. Sculptural based art is my primary focus. Although I have an equal interest in all art forms and eras, my inspiration stems from the Constructivist and Minimalist movements and artists. I seek to retain the minimal aesthetic by manipulating construction materials into formal relationships with simplistic treatment. Through artistic development I have narrowed down and focused my sculptural artworks on using pvc plumbing and the human form (mannequins) with highly finished surfaces and from here the work has already made an interesting turn in that it has morphed from merely attaching seamlessly the two components to allowing both elements develop a relationship with each other and become one object. The research and discussion for these works ranges from a reflection of the role of colour theory and referencing recent art history, our constructed environment (social and architectural) and moves towards examining the human merging within these aspects and the insatiable drive of ideal beauty. The mannequins is the representation of what we aspire to with our outwardly image and the pvc plumbing relates to our constructed environment and the cardinal humours, (sweat, blood, urine, excrement which is believed to determine the mental and physical qualities of a being). The garish colours I choose harkens towards the attention we want to bring on ourselves when engaging in these activities. In particular to ‘It’s All About Your Accessories”, I was interested the layering of accessories (trinkets) and paint (makeup, hair products) that we endeavour to be seen by others and the mental and physical enthralment that it brings. These objects developed out of philosophical concepts by writers such as Jacques Ellul and Paul Vilrilio and re-examining Minimalist theory and New Figuration. Other writers that inform my work are Clement Greenberg, Michael Fried and Clive Bell amongst others.