Olga Mosina Wildman is a female artist born in Russian Federation, currently working in United States.
Olga Mosina Wildman image

Olga Mosina was born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated summa cum laude from Moscow’s prestigious Stroganovskaya Commercial Art Institute in 1990, and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Commercial Interior Design.

After graduation, she was involved in various interior design projects for banks, ministries, exhibitions, theaters, hospitals, universities, and other institutions in Moscow.

For the past 16 years, Olga has lived in Fayetteville. She is the President of her own company, The Architectural Rendering Source, LLC, one of the most successful studios in Georgia. She has illustrated hundreds of major developments throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Olga has become established as a fine artist, working in various media, but primarily in oil. She brings years of training in classical art and a true multi-cultural viewpoint to her work. Her paintings are in private collections in both Russia and the United States.