briat is a male artist born in France, currently working in France.
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le journal d’un peintre.

As a babyboomer, I was born in 1960, when the RDA designated Elvis Presley as their enemy number one. At 14, I bought my first record.

At 16, I played in a rock band. But the guitarist runned away.

After being a graduated businessman, the first day I went to my work – a well known chemical firm. I was dressed as a clown.
I was the only guy not to be controlled by security, which amazed the boss. I realized tragically that I should become a proud golden son and buy expensive coffee sets to my girlfriends. But no. I didn’t.

I decided to fulfill my most important desire : Painting was my principal question, my priority answer. I wrote a sudden letter to a great master, Pierre Alechinsky, saying how I admired his work. I secretly wanted to make “my coming out” as a painter and it seemed to be urgent.
One morning Alechinsky called me.
I was completely under surprise, I said “Good night” to him at 9 a.m. He wanted to see my paintings !
I visited him in his atelier at Beaux Arts. But one week too early…
When we finally had a proper appointement he said :
“Briat, we are going to work together”. That really saved my life.

I admire also Chirico, Malevitch, Matisse, Richter, Redon.
But I did not met them.