Rozalind Drummond is a female artist born in Australia.
Rozalind Drummond image

Rozalind Drummond deploys photographic forms of representation in carefully staged, theatrical displays and installations, invoking psychological dimensions associated with voyeurism, a long-standing subject of her investigations.

Conventionally ascribed to morbid sexuality and the male gaze, voyeurism could be understood as the vicarious and compulsive observation of fellow humans as sexual objects, in which – often risking ignominy – the watcher typically remains distanced and unobserved, the object unselfconsciously natural and thus libidinous.

Curiously complicit with her subject and able to skilfully procure the erotic, Drummond nevertheless controls her material in such a way that the audience remains anxious and uncertain, suspending gratification. In Peeping Tom – inspired by British filmmaker Michael Powell – Drummond’s found and then manipulated images of women are presented through characteristically sociopathic modes of voyeurism – surveillance, recording and collecting – in an oppressive forensic fiction which ultimately confronts the viewer.