Daniel Jenkins is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Daniel Jenkins image

Born in Melbourne in 1976, Daniel showed signs of an interest in art at an early age. He entered and won a local junior art prize that was held as a part of ‘National Children’s Vision Week’ (1986) at the age of 9.

Throughout his early school years he continued to show an interest for creating. Although, it wasn’t until during his VCE studies at Bayside Secondary College (1993-1994) whilst under the tutelage of then Art teacher Bruce Wilson and seeing for the first time the work of Belgian artist Rene Magritte which confirmed Daniel’s interest in art.

He then spent some time in the artistic wilderness but then returned to study art in 1998 with a feeling there was more to be learned.

After completing Visual Arts at NMIT (1998-1999) and Fine Arts at RMIT (2000-2002), it was clear that a career in art was Daniel’s ambition.

Having been involved in some group and solo exhibitions at various galleries during and following his tertiary studies, Daniel had his first major exhibition in early 2007 at ‘BLACKSPHERE Fine Art’.

2007 has also seen Daniel being a finalist in the ‘Touch of Red’ art prize at ‘BLACKSPHERE Fine Art’, a participant in the ‘Melbourne Savage Club Art Prize’ and later in the year having his second major solo exhibition.

Late January of 2008 saw the first interstate exhibition for the Melbourne artist, showing at the Sydney gallery ‘Factory 49’. The space (run by artist Pam Aitken) is host to exhibitions of contemporary abstract (non-objective) art.

Within the works that make up his on-going ‘Concatenate’ series, Daniel deals with the juxtaposition of opposing abstract genres. The bringing together of gestural and ‘hard edge’ abstraction, in an attempt to create or construct a new dialogue.