Joanne Saad is a female artist.
Joanne Saad image

Joanne Saad is a photographer based in Wollongong, New South Wales. My fascination for photography developed at an early age, when I would be forever going through my parents’ old black and white photographs which were mainly of family members and events. My father had taken most of the photographs and was the first person in his village in Lebanon to get a camera. It was these images he took of Lebanon before he left there that I love the most. As a photographer, I am drawn to photographing people and this is because I am interested in how and why we exist, how we learn to live with one another, love one another, basically what makes the world go around. Joanne says an underlying concept of her work is …how time and place can influence the life of an individual. People coming to a new country bring with them customs, traditions and rituals from their country of origin and then find the need to adapt these aspects of their lives to fit into a new society. During this process certain elements are lost and altered particularly as they are passed from generation to generation. (My photographs) focus on what is left.