Alex Gibson is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Alex Gibson image

Alex works with interactive installations, found objects and the moving image that include elements of drawing, video and software art. His work explores the potential for collaboration and critique within the public sphere and the configurations of earlier media that have become pervasive technologies of freedom and power. He is particularly interested in the free (as in freedom) software movement and the social construction of an artistic commons.

Alex Gibson is a Melbourne based artist and has exhibited regularly since graduating at the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art; Drawing (2004). He has exhibited in project spaces including Conical ARI (2002 and 2009), The Tokyo International Exhibition Center: Bigsite (2005), Fortyfive Downstairs (2006), Craft Victoria (2006), Seventh ARI (2007), Bus ARI (2007), Michael Koro Gallery (2008 and 2010), Next Wave Festival (2008) and The Melbourne International Arts Festival (2008).

He was nominated for a Green Room Award in the category of Outstanding Video Scenography – New Form (2007). He has also received the Stoll Trust Award (2001), Friends of the VCA Award (2003), George Hicks Prize (2004), LWL Award (2006), Orloff Family Trust Award (2006) and the Australian Postgraduate Award (2007-2008). He lectures at the The University of Melbourne Faculty of Science, Education and at The Victorian College of the Arts in collaboration. He has completed a Masters of Fine Art degree at the Victorian College of the Arts with a project titled ‘Towards a Social Media Art’.

Alex continues to exhibit regularly in project spaces and public galleries in Australia and internationally.