Linda Solay is a female artist born in Germany, currently working in Footscray, Victoria, Israel.
Linda Solay image

Although her work stems from a strong conceptual base, it’s visual aesthetics are generally those of a smooth and light image; very minimalist in nature.
Her images are easily mistaken for paintings for their soft and delicate nature, whilst dealing with subject matters such as human perception and sense of reality.

In her artist statement for the ‘Sápmi Series’ she hints at that “a shift of perception is required to navigate through the images: things might not be as they appear at first; colors and content slowly appearing and disappearing with time…”

The statement for Linda’s most recent series ‘Obfuscated Buoyancy’ read as follows:

“in a state of timelessness and vacuum, between happenings and conditions, i am looking for the possibility of security within the insecure, for calm without being aware of the next step ahead. fog is obfuscating the view and thus removing the chance of gaining a grander perspective of one’s environment. is it possible to acknowledge the state of crisis as a normal and integral part of life? grey symbolises crisis, whereas white holds the expression of truth and an infinite affirmation of life.

without a point of reference there is no sense of orientation, yet in this space devoid of contrast there may be the chance of a clearer perception of one’s actual self, the chance to conceive one’s being beyond mere comparison – the spotless mind.

(there is)… the aim of creating something complete, whole and permanent. perfect in itself, obvious and immaculate. with a grey picture, this ideal can be reached.
gerhard richter, 2004"

Being a lover of the fine print, Linda photographs using a Rolleiflex medium format camera and prefers printing her large scale images herself on Fine Art watercolor and rag papers.

Despite traveling most of the year she exhibits regularly internationally.