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Martina Mrongovius is a holographic artist and designer. Her work focuses on urban ecology, particularly the nature of spaces constructed and inhabited through rhythms, dreams and choices. Manipulating the technical and creative processes of holography Martina has developed her own style of montage that has a distinct dynamic texture.

Having completing an Honours degree in Applied Physics (2004), Martina often explores concepts in science to inspire the underlining structure of creative projects – including ‘Singularity’ and ‘The Wave Collapses’ created into comic books by her sister Alice and published by Banditfox . Martina has contributed holograms to exhibitions in Australia, UK, Korea, the USA and Chile, with solo exhibitions in Melbourne and New York.

Martina is a staff member of the Korean HOLOcenter, Seoul and the Center for The Holographic Arts, New York as well as undertaking a PhD by project through the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory at RMIT.