Robin Lambert is an artist born in Canada, currently working in Canada.
Robin Lambert image

For me, art is more than objects, ideas or actions in a gallery – there is an intangibility to art. Art is offering something; it is being empathetic towards the audience and through them, the world. I make simple gestures and offer to the audience an awareness of something not always appreciated whether this is daydreaming, secrets, taking napping or developing a connection to an object.

My work often involves direct interaction between the audience and artist. It is through this practice I am working as an experimental artist and eccentric researcher expanding the field of contemporary art and craft. I am challenging the traditional relations between artist, audience and art while at the same time examining the role of art objects and the process of their creation.

Service: Dinners for Strangers is the latest of my research into the interstitial space between contemporary visual arts, craft culture and the handmade object, and community service art. At the heart of Service, I am simply sharing a diversity of visual and cultural ideas through the hosting of a potluck. Eating and sharing food is an intimate experience through which people can learn about each other, about new ideas, and in this case something new about art, craft and the community in which we live.