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Emile Zile is an artist, filmmaker and performer engaged with the tension between reality and its mediation, the self and its representation, and language and its mutation. Building on a background of single-channel and performative video art, his current research focuses on photographic portraiture with contemporary image-making techniques, site-specific audiovisual performance and the use of the internet as a site for mourning, transgression and revelation. His body of work reflects a bleak humanism and dark wit, in the face of an ever-accelerating culture of image consumption and distribution.

Emile received a BFA degree from RMIT Media Arts Melbourne before relocating to Amsterdam in 2007 to commence a MFA degree at the Sandberg Institute. Recent exhibitions and performances include Bring Your Own Beamer Berlin and Athens, Rojo Nova Audiovisual Sessions Sao Paulo Brazil, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Palais Paradiso Amsterdam, F.E.A.V.S. Osaka Japan, Today’s Art Festival The Hague, and the Rietveld Arsenale – 53rd Venice Biennale.