Angela Fama is an artist born in United States, currently working in Canada.
Angela Fama image

Fama seeks simplicity, finding it to be the truest, most descriptive element that is often lost in the clutter. She prefers to focus on removing details to bring out the strength of what is in front of her.

Born in Summertown Tennessee, raised mostly in Ottawa Ontario, she spent 3 of her teenage years in Zimbabwe, returning to Ottawa to receive her Fine Arts Certificate in 1995 at Canterbury Highschool where she was introduced to photography. She carried her interest in this through to Langara College in Vancouver BC where she received her Photo Imaging Diploma in 2004. She has participated in a number of solo and group showings at galleries such as Elliott Louis, Grace Gallery and ON MAIN.

“Often searching for beauty in unlikely spaces, Angela’s work is inspirational to anyone looking for substance in the shadows” Color Magazine 2007