Eric Walton 9 / Edub9 is a male artist born in United States, currently working in Florida, United States.
Eric Walton 9 / Edub9 image

Abstract Surrealist Expressionist Painter

ERIC WALTON 9 / Edub9 (Born November 9, 1973 – Present)

Eric Walton 9 is a native Floridian, born in Sarasota, now living in Miami. A contemporary Abstract Expressionist, his need to cry out is expressed in his art. It expresses an assertion of himself, his individuality, pathology and identity. Methods strong, colors expressive, and forms familiar, he reaches for understanding. He, like the Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists before him, is caught in a world of social dictates.

In a world of conformity and commercialism he delivers his assault.

He is order and disorder, sadness and laughter, beauty and tragedy, unshackled and suspended, chaos filled, but infused with solid clarity. Through his art he explores and reclaims his right to be free. He is the human explorer. He is neither boxlike nor malignant, but awash in free color and form, and like the free form of dance and auto-writing he propels us ever further.

Canvases simplified and shockingly brilliant they cry out to connect, painting the landscape that evolves within. We see the familiar and unexpected, the boldly clashing effects of primary color suggesting new ways to truly feel and communicate emotion through paths of free invention. They are spontaneous, deft, checked with rich surface texture and alluring in their tension and narrative. He asks: Where are we? Who do we want to be?

Expressed through brush and paint he makes the profoundest of statements:

“We are multi-layered and yet transparent.”