Emma Louise McLean is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Emma Louise McLean image

My art is an extension of myself, an exploration of self. A way to express my emotions and depths through colour and creation. Writing a story without words. Trusting my intuition and not letting expectations influence the process.

Starting with a blank canvas I have no preconceived ideas of the end result. Not knowing the outcome, not aiming to create a certain style or look but allowing myself paint and create naturally through intuition.

My paintings are diverse just like life and my mood, the weather and music can affect my technique and style. I love using bold colours and heavy layers which add dimension so when the painting is viewed from various angles you see different forms and the painting takes on a different perspective.

Adding texture, free flowing layers of colour, spontaneous movements and techniques resulting in an ever changing canvas.

My paintings are a journey which I let the viewer create their own story. Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. What the viewer sees is the truth, their truth.

For me art should be about having fun, creating a visual adventure!

In the words of Jonas Gerard

“Unfold the spirit of self-exploration by painting freely without restraint or criticism, develop a deeper trust in one’s intuition and instinct as they happen. To realize that letting go of set goals opens up a whole world of infinite possibilities”